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We invite ladies of all ages to come & be apart of a fun, dynamic & energetic group of women who enjoy giving back to our community. No special skills are needed - just the desire, energy and enthusiasm to be apart of something bigger than us. Make new friends and share your talents while doing some much needed volunteer work in our community.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss becoming a member.   


Here is what some of our members have to say about Group 74:

I joined Group 74 to get involved in the community I call home. Since then, I have met a lot of great people & participated in many great events. This is a small group with a lot of heart. We help give back to our community in so many ways. It's a great feeling to be part of this dynamic group of women!

I joined Group 74 several years ago because I wanted to be part of a group that made a difference in their community. Group 74 makes a difference!! It helps Brooklin come together as a community through its events as well as helping the community in areas of need! You can see signs of group 74 everywhere and you may not even know that Group 74 helped bring these things to our community. The mural in the library. The bench at the community centre and the display case just to mention a few - all brought to Brooklin with the help of group 74. A wonderful way to give back.
Catherine S

I joined Group 74 in 2008 after I attended the Harvest Festival in Grass Park and thought it was such a great event, that I wanted to be a part of the event. I then looked into the Group and spoke to Sue Pitchforth who then gave me more details about Group 74. I was just so thrilled to find out that a group like this existed in Brooklin. I have enjoyed being a part of this group and love the events that we put together for Brooklin. I look forward to seeing what future events Group 74 will bring to the Community.
Melanie Kennedy

I joined Group 74 as I believe we have a moral obligation to support our local community. I feel Brooklin has a great sense of community and I want to help ensure that this spirit is around for years to come. Our community here in Brooklin is so important and so I want to be a part of something that keeps it alive and kicking so my kids and grandkids can enjoy it too.
Teresa Misty Mozejko

I moved from the city because I wanted to become part of a community – to know my neighbours, and to positively contribute to my community. Since joining Group 74, I’ve had the chance to be involved in some great activities in our community, and have met many wonderful new friends. It’s always fun thinking about what our next project might be…
Melanie MacDonald

I joined Group 74 because it was an opportunity to contribute to our community while meeting other people. It’s important to Group 74 that we regularly make donations from funds raised through our events to various worthy causes within our community. We’re imaginative, creative, conscientious and like to have fun.
Diana Hamilton

My daughter and I have enjoyed attending the Group 74 Victorian Tea for the last four years. It has become a mother-daughter tradition! When I noticed the Group 74 website was in need of updating, I volunteered my services through my company, Serendipity Graphic Design, to create a new website for the group and give back to this wonderful organization that has given so much to our community. I am excited to be a new member, and I look forward to what the future holds for Group 74 and our community.
Lisa Ruck

I love being part of Group 74. It is such a fun group of women and we have a great time planning events for our community. From the Victorian Tea to Christmas in the Village, it is fantastic to see our friends, family and neighbours enjoying our events, and we have a great time organizing it.
Lorri Busch

There are so many rewarding moments for all members of Group 74. Our ever growing family now consists of close friends and an amazing social network of strong woman that are willing to go the extra mile to make our community a better place to live. One of the best rewards about being a Group 74 member is a true sense of community and helping those in need.

I like the idea that the group's goal is to remain low key and grass roots. We make a difference in the lives of people in important ways, but aren't looking for the same recognition/fan fare as other groups.
Valerie Pinfold

I have lived in Brooklin since emigrating here in 2000 from the UK and marry my husband. We recently relocated our family Financial Services office to the Village as we wanted to be involved more with the community we lived and our children went to school. I have found Sue and the ladies of Group 74 to be very welcoming. The events they plan bring the whole community together in a traditional way. The charitable works behind the scenes, though understated make it an honour for me to be associated with the group.
Barbara Howe


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Group 74 is so proud of all of our members contributions to our community and will feature any news-related articles here.


Gloria JacksonGloria Jackson, our longest serving member is no stranger to volunteering in our community. We are proud that she has received the Mayor's Senior Volunteer Award for 2011.

Gloria, you are truly a wonderful asset to our community and you have helped in so many countless ways over the years. Congratulations! Town Crier Article Gloria Jackson

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faithFaith Chipman, one of our youngest members, was honoured in 2009 with the Whitby Youth Councils Celebrating Youth Award.