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Me to We Project

sarah mulcahy 300Group 74's mandate is "A Better Community" and what better way can we inspire our community than helping a young student with their own project. We are pleased to partner with Sarah and look forward to having her be apart of our Santa's Snowmen Workshop and our Victorian tea. Through her hard work with us we will then provide her with an honorarium to help her with her fundraising. We are looking forward to working with you Sarah and getting to know you better.

Seventeen year old Sarah Mulcahy will be embarking on what she hopes to be her first of many large outreach projects next summer. In July of 2014 the grade 12 Brooklin resident and All Saints Catholic School student will be travelling with "Me to We" to Ecuador where she will take part in construction of a new school, work with women's shelters and be immersed within the local culture. Me to We, whose motto is "We Live the Change" is part of "Free the Children", an international charity devoted to working both domestically and internationally to empower and enable youth to be agents of change.

Sarah's a quiet girl who loves her dogs and spending time with her family. She's been involved with several different sports and enjoys her time reading, riding her bike or in the winter downhill skiing. She hopes to follow her dream to study environmental science and is thrilled to get the opportunity to explore the mountains and Amazon rain forest in Ecuador.

Sarah has pledged to volunteer locally with organizations such at Group 74 and wherever she can in hopes to aid her fundraising profile for the trip next summer. Her efforts so far have raised 14% of her goal of $2745.00. "I'm looking forward to finding out more about how I can make a difference. I really want to help and learn how I can bring back that experience to my own community," says Sarah.

Visit her website by clicking here.