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Painting by Andrew Davies

Andrew DaviesIf you attended this year's Harvest Festival you would have seen some very interesting artwork being created right in front of your eyes during the Harvest Festival. Here's the background on how this exciting project began to take shape:

a davies3 250One of Group 74's premier annual events is the Brooklin Harvest Festival. This year's event took place Saturday, September 13 in Grass Park. In planning this year's slate of activities, Group 74 President, Sue Pitchforth, learned of a local artist, Andrew Davies, who has had much success with both classic oil paintings and spray painting art and murals.

Sue met with Andrew and discussed her idea of having Andrew "create" an original piece of art at the Harvest Festival. The idea intrigued Andrew: design and create an original painting in one day, engaging passers-by who would surely stop and admire the creative process, wondering what the end result would be. Sue and Andrew agreed that a suitable home for the painting would be the Brooklin library branch.

Group 74 is proud to continue our long standing partnership with Ashley Stevens. Ashley was thrilled to be doing something completely different for this year's Harvest Festival - he sponsored an up and coming artist to create an exciting piece of art.

A bit about Andrew:
adrew daviesAndrew has been successful at Invitational only - Art Battles in Montreal and Toronto. Having Exhibitions in cities throughout Canada, Andrew has been successful with his mixture of classic oil paintings and spray painting art and murals. Andrew also completes commission work on a regular basis specializing in pieces "allow you to create your own story within a bigger story" Andrew was featured in McLean's magazine for his spray painting murals.

Andrew formally donated the painting to the library board September 17, and was again on hand October 14th when it was officially unveiled at the library. Library CEO Ian Ross, board member Claude Lavoie, Ashley Stevens who donated the materials, Sue and Christine, representing both Group 74 and the library board, were all present.

The painting is named "Stephy" after the model, who is Andrew's niece. Ian Ross aptly says: "The painting is a wonderful addition to our building and will delight many. Its whimsical nature is sure to inspire imagination, while bringing pleasure to the senses."

You're encouraged to stop by the library to enjoy the painting!

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