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Honorary Group 74 Membership for Mayor Pat Perkins

honorary 200Group 74 enjoyed a festive dinner at Amica at Whitby recently to celebrate the Christmas season. It was a wonderful evening with many members coming out to enjoy the delicious food and welcoming atmosphere that Amica at Whitby offers. We were thrilled to have Mayor Perkins join us and she was pleased to accept her "Honorary Group 74 Member Certificate". Welcome Mayor Perkins to Group 74! We very much appreciate and value your support. We look forward to another great year ahead making our community a better place.

To view photos from the Group 74 dinner, click here.



Fall Yard Clean Up

DSC03745 200Group 74 member Monica Williamson shares:

10 people
52 minutes
1 tidy yard for a neighbour in need

The "math" of Pitching In ...

Thanks to BAM Lions Club and others who helped out ...


Whitby Ajax Garden Project

whitby ajax garden project 200Group 74 was pleased to present a cheque to Mary Drummond, Co-ordinator of Whitby Ajax Garden Project, from proceeds raised from the Harvest Festival.

Mary's thank you to us & our community:

On behalf of the Whitby Ajax Garden Project Board & members, I wish to thank Group 74 and our community for your most generous donation to our garden project. A donation is always especially encouraging when it comes from the community.



Tim Horton Children's Foundation

tim hortons childrens foundationDear Sue, and friends at Group 74,

On behalf of the Tim Horton Children's Foundation, thank you for choosing our organization to be the beneficiary of the funds raised at Summer ArtFest. The Tim Horton Memorial Camp in Parry Sound, will greatly benefit from your donation of $500.00. While at camp, our campers strive to achieve their five G.R.E.A.T. beads. The 'Orange Bead' represents "Adventure, Creativity and Discovery" and creative arts programming at camp is one of the ways the campers can achieve this goal. Your donation will help us to expand our art materials and allow the children to further explore their creativity.


Windreach Farm

windreach2Group 74 along with Matt & Penny Hanley from the Brooklin Tim Horton's & Cold Stone Creamery were pleased to present Julie Rennie from Windreach Farm with an additional $400.00 donation from this year's Victorian Tea- that makes our total donation of $1020.00 to go towards small animal care at the farm.

Whitby Bridge

whitby bridgeGroup 74 was proud to present John Dolstra, Lisa Dinsmore & Greg Island from the committee with an initial $100.00 donation. We also announced that funds from this September's 13th Annual Harvest Festival will also be directed to this community fundraiser!

DaytimeSummer ArtFest on Daytime

Sue Pitchforth and Martha Weber joined host Julia Piedimonte on Daytime, Rogers TV to discuss the Summer Artfest. To view the segment, click on the image.

Summer ArtFest

Sue Pitchforth, President of Group 74 met this week with Martha Weber and Andris Piebalgs from Ashburn Art Circle to go over the details of the upcoming Summer ArtFest being held on Saturday July 14th, 2012. Lisa Ruck of Serendipity Graphic Design, revealed the new banners for the event.