2012 Victorian Tea

Group 74 members; Lori, Sharifa & Melanie

Group 74 member Linda

Group 74 President Sue Pitchforth with group member Sue

Beautiful centerpieces created by Group 74 member Linda

Lady Cordelia Victoria Elizabeth Windsor

Group 74 members; Mitu, Faith & Gerry

Group 74 members; Sharifa, Barbara, Yvonne


Linda and her lovely sister!

Kaitlyn with her Grandmother

Anne with daughter Amy

Group 74 member Lisa with her daughter Lillian

Carolyn Ellis with Fred Martin, Whitby Town Crier

One of our lovely volunteers, Stephanie!

Group 74 member Melanie pouring tea for our guests.

Writing some lovely letters to mom!


Julie Rennie from Windreach Farm



Whitby Town Crier Fred Martin

Group 74 member Dale pouring tea.

Carolyn Ellis from KX96 - our emcee for the event!

Lady Cordelia sharing her secrets for blending in with high society!



Practing proper tea sipping!

Sue and Carolyn demonstrating some lessonns learned by lady Cordelia!

Lady Cordelia teaching the children.

Group 74 members Faith, Dale, Katarina and Glora

Lori, Melanie and Lori dishing out the yummy Cold Stone ice cream!

Cassie with her mom, Debbie

Group 74 member Barbara & a friend particpating in "I'm a Little Tea Pot"!

"I'm a Little Tea Pot" with Lady Cordelia & friends.

Practicing good posture with Lady Cordelia

But can you do jumping jacks?

Group photo!

Honorary Member presentation to Carolyn Ellis

Carolyn Ellis & Sue Pitchforth

Julie Rennie from Windreach Farms

Sweets donated by Amica of Whitby & teapot cookies & cupcakes made by Elizabeth O'Quinn of My Sweet Table... yum!